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Oration vs. Peroration

Address versus Discourse Address versus Discourse Address versus Discourse By Maeve Maddox The Chicago Manual of Style cautions cautious scholars to abstain from befuddling the words discourse and talk: A talk, carefully, is the finish of an address (discourse). Cautious essayists abstain from utilizing talk to allude to an awakening discourse or text. In its explanatory sense, a talk is the finishing up some portion of a discourse expected to bring everything together and animate the crowd to some activity. He[concluded] his discourse with a lecture whose reason for existing was to remind the crowd that he was among the couple of Republicans with a conceivable shot at involving the White House. Close to the finish of the discourse, King left from his readied text for a mostly ad libbed lecture on the subject I have a fantasy The articulation â€Å"a awakening peroration† in the feeling of â€Å"a searing speech,† is to be dodged, if for no other explanation than it’s a clichã ©. In different settings, be that as it may, the word talk has been utilized since the fifteenth century to allude to an entire discourse or expression. Shakespeare utilized lecture in 1591 as an equivalent for talk: Nephew, what implies this energetic talk, †¨This lecture with such condition? †¨For France, tis our own; and we will keep it still. â€Henry VI, Part II, I.i, 111. Later essayists, including Harriet Beecher Stowe, Sinclair Lewis, Mark Twain, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, all pre-owned talk to allude to remarks other than the finishing up some portion of an address. In the accompanying model from ongoing news thing, discourse alludes to a discourse and not to the closing piece of a discourse: At the point when the de Blasios showed up a short while after 10, the up-and-comer gave a concise talk to the social event outside, which most likely numbered more than one hundred. Absolutely it would be a mistake to discuss â€Å"the lectures of Pericles† if what is implied are â€Å"the addresses of Pericles.† But while the utilization of discourse as an equivalent word for discourse may be evenhandedly viewed as unnatural style, it’s not an event for mock. Calling a politician’s whistle stop discourse a lecture is no more regrettable than utilizing destroy to mean â€Å"to slaughter a vague number of people† on the grounds that the word’s â€Å"real† importance is â€Å"to execute one in ten.† Need to improve your English quickly a day? Get a membership and begin accepting our composing tips and activities every day! Continue learning! Peruse the Misused Words class, check our mainstream posts, or pick a related post below:20 Great Opening Lines to Inspire the Start of Your Storyâ€Å"As Well As† Does Not Mean â€Å"And†Dealing With A Character's Internal Thoughts

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Teach you repair impact crusher Parts Essay Example For Students

Instruct you fix sway smasher Parts Essay Effect smasher productivity of our companions are self-evident, similar to the human body , like quite a while, there will be some large or little issues that we have to help understand it . Here , top Heave. W instruct professionals to give you some effect smasher is frequently tricky parts fix strategies . Favored , sway smasher support you need to Start from the sledge We begin to comprehend the fix mallet and sledge the determination of materials , and why ? Since counterattack smasher hammer is the principle consumable parts , the current multi-reason gig manganese steel, when one side wear, can be utilized topsy turvy But when the mallet was severely worn on the two sides it is hard to fix , needed to supplant the sledge. On the off chance that as of now the pole opening and mallet shank isn't harmed, however will definitely cause the whole sledge scrap squander. Subsequently, the sledge is being used, can not allow an excessive amount to mileage on the two sides , we ought to supplant him with a high manganese steel amalgam or cathode surfacing to improve wear opposition. We will compose a custom exposition on Teach you fix sway smasher Parts explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now Also You need to comprehend the smasher outline pair cast steel racks are for the most part not in direct contact with the material , yet the suspension side machine side spread plate and is dependent upon the material between the etch - type rough wear what's more, the rack shaft gap hammer , hammer smasher after long haul work, the gap will be ground into a level round gap, sway hammer work Fix the rack is done with manganese steel surfacing . Before welding , welding pole to dry subsequent to welding, the surface ought to be smooth , even position rack surfacing weight would be adjusted else it will influence the mallet work, This strategy is straightforward, the expense is higher, yet the wear obstruction can be expanded more than I times . Sledge shaft bore wear , in the wake of toughening in the wake of welding boring re-crossed or the rack plate mix, for structures with openings , simple to accomplish dimensional precision prerequisites. The last advance is grind fix and coating fixed Impact smasher grind , because of the material effect and rubbing, wear is generally quick , and some even curve and break the mesh can wear welding pair , fix, should focus on the hole between the size of the mesh . The mesh can break fix welding , fix to the consideration Of the weld surface smooth. Twist and break the mesh ought to for the most part be supplanted with new mesh . What's more, more for high-manganese steel liner material, liner wear surfacing technique can likewise be fixed In request to spare valuable manganese steel surfacing , to utilize the fundamental basic steel welding pole , and afterward manganese steel surfacing cathode surface . At the point when the wear layer is slender it very well may be legitimately equitably manganese steel surfacing terminal To spare welding anodes and time reserve funds can be discontinuous welding liner into strips and work , however not very close the hole intermittence and termination , too thick to even think about saving restricted eradication not accomplish fix.

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Tips for Succeeding in Psychology 101

Tips for Succeeding in Psychology 101 Student Resources Print Tips for Succeeding in Psychology 101 By Kendra Cherry facebook twitter Kendra Cherry, MS, is an author, educational consultant, and speaker focused on helping students learn about psychology. Learn about our editorial policy Kendra Cherry Updated on September 17, 2019 izusek / Getty Images More in Student Resources APA Style and Writing Study Guides and Tips Careers Psychology 101, or Introduction to Psychology, is one of the most popular classes on college campuses throughout the world. In addition to being a basic requirement for any psychology major, many colleges and universities expect all students to take the class as part of their general education requirements. For some students, this introduction to psychology can be particularly daunting. Since many high schools do not offer psychology courses, students often have little or no exposure to the subject prior to attending college. The sheer amount of information contained in the average Psych 101 course is enough to overwhelm even the most diligent student. After all, in addition to learning about the history of psychology, students are expected to touch upon a wide array of topics including biological, social, cognitive, social and personality psychology. Fortunately, there are some key strategies that can help students achieve focus, improve their study habits and pass their introductory psychology classes. Whether you are thinking of pursuing a psychology degree or are simply trying to fulfill a general education requirement, the following tips can help you succeed in your first psychology class. 1. Start With the Basics Before you begin studying any topic in great depth, it is important to make sure that you have a strong grasp of the basics. In almost any introductory psychology course, the first few weeks of class will be devoted to learning a little bit about the history of psychology as well as the scientific methods that are used in psychological research. By familiarizing yourself with these topics early on, you will be able to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of psychology as you delve deeper into the course. The Top Things to Know About Psychology 2. Focus on Developing Effective Study Habits While learning the core material in your psychology course is essential, you should also spend some time developing your study habits and test-taking strategies. This might involve evaluating your current study techniques, learning about new homework approaches, and establishing a study schedule. There are plenty of great ideas to be found online, but you should also consult with your academic advisor or school counselor for more great ways to get the most out of your studies. 3. Sharpen Your Writing Skills Being able to write well is essential for passing virtually any psychology course. From writing a formal research paper, lab reports, and case studies to completing essay questions on your exams, it is essential to communicate effectively. Writing can be daunting, especially for students who are unsure of how to find topics, conduct research, and structure their papers. If you need a little extra help, check to see if your school offers a writing lab where you can get advice, editorial reviews, and constructive criticism. 4. Participate in Psychology Research One great way to learn more about psychology is to participate in research opportunities at your school. Many psychology programs allow undergraduate students to get involved in research, either by volunteering to participate in experiments or even acting as a research assistant to earn credits toward a degree. Contact the psychology department at your school to learn about your options and to see if any professors are looking for students to help with research projects or experiments. It is a great way to get some firsthand experience working in the field of psychology and an excellent way to discover which areas of psychology interest you the most. Start by learning a little more about psychology research by reading about psychology research methods, the scientific method, and the simple experiment. Psychology Research Methods 5. Delve Deeper Into the Subject As you get further into the semester, you will find yourself learning more and more about many topics in psychology. As you study each new chapter, focus on learning as much as you can about each topic. For example, when you start learning about human development in your class, spend some time exploring online sites devoted to the developmental process. By reinforcing your class lectures and readings with supplemental information, youll be able to gain a much deeper and richer understanding of the subject. You can start by exploring some of the topics that are frequently covered in an introductory psychology class, including behavioral psychology, personality psychology, social psychology, and cognitive psychology.

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William Shakespeare s A Play A Midsummer Night s Dream

To Quote Hamlet, Act Three, Scene Three, Line Eighty-Seven, â€Å"No.† (An analyzation of true love in A Midsummer Night’s Dream) Examples of true love in literature can be found in a myriad of oeuvres and opuses. It is extremely popular in the contemporary era to include romance in a novel. An exemplary case of an instance of true love in modern writing would be the affiliation of Eddard Stark and Catelyn Tully in George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones. These two characters share an intense romance, and never sincerely stop loving one another. Moreover, in the aforementioned author’s A Song of Ice and Fire saga, there are additional relationships with a true bond. The list of these is quite extensive, but it includes Khal Drogo and Daenerys†¦show more content†¦To begin, Hermia and Lysander’s romance, as detailed in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is true, as this love is both gradual and exceedingly organic. Unlike Helena and Demetrius’s fake and fallacious love, the romantic passion between Hermia and Lysander is genuine. It was not the fairy king, Oberon, who made the m fall deeply in love with each other, as is the case with the former pair of paramours. Instead, Hermia and Lysander fell in love naturally, and in a gradual fashion. This proves their love to be true, as a person cannot fall in love with another in a brief period of time. Love is piecemeal, and takes numerous hours, if not years, for two people to become paramours. This is not true of the romance between Helena and Demetrius, as the two fell in love in a single instant. Demetrius was bewitched by Oberon’s magical elixir, and that is the only reason why the youth dotes on Helena. Before he was given the potion by the fairy king, Demetrius utterly detested Helena and loathed her. In truth, Demetrius did not even wish to see the girl, and was said to become sick merely upon seeing Helena. Therefore, it was only because of Oberon’s involvement that those two people fell in love. Thus, their love is not true, and is entirely fictitious and fraudulent. In addition, the lov e between Hermia and Lysander relied on no involvement from Oberon to form. The fairy king’s influence played no part in making them fall in love. While it is true that Lysander was given

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Essay On Aerys - 992 Words

Harrenhal was a flurry of activity as Lords, Ladies, and knights from all over the seven kingdoms arrived to take part in the festivities. Arthur had been to plenty of tourneys before and competed in most of them, but he’d never been to one as grand as this. Lord Whent had pulled out all the spots for the occasion. It, certainly, wasn’t an event to be missed and Arthur was thankful Aerys let him and several of his brothers attend. The throngs of people bustled around him as he accompanied Rhaegar through the dirt paths of the encampment as he made his way towards the great castle. Perhaps a bit too crowded for the Prince to be accompanied by one Kingsguard, but Rhaegar could handle himself in the situation called for it. Not that Arthur†¦show more content†¦A shout split through the air behind him causing her jade eyes to snap in the direction of the noise. Her hard expression softening as her eyes landed upon him as a grin snuck its way onto her lips. He found himself smiling, broadly in return as their eyes met. Words they couldn’t say conveying a silent promise, one that held the hope of seeing each other soon. No doubt Alayna would find herself in Elia and Ashara’s company before too long. With any luck, he might catch her at the feast tonight. She offered him a short nod before she tore her attention away from him and continued on with her companions towards their destination. His violet gaze lingered after her until an elbow dug into his side. The Dornishman leveled a glare at his prince, who smirked knowingly. â€Å"Lady Alayna looks as lovely as ever.† The dragon prince commented as they resumed their journey. Arthur jerked his head in agreement but kept tight lipped in regards to his views upon ‘the Wildflower of the Reach’. Rhaegar quirked an eyebrow in the kingsguard’s direction. â€Å"Don’t pretend you don’t think of her more often than not. You haven’t been the same since she left.† â€Å"I don’t know what you’re talking about.† Arthur denied, tensely, hoping his friend would drop the topic. Couldn’t Rhaegar remember they were in public and that Arthur, himself, was bound by the vows he’d swore when he joined the Kingsguard? Not everyone could life as freely as the prince. RhaegarShow MoreRelatedThe Tempest By William Shakespeare1640 Words   |  7 Pages the court masque that Prospero conjures for Miranda and Ferdinand is for their entertainment—the latter even claims: and rather than imprison his captives, he lulls with a stupefying charm (5.1.11). Contrastingly, Prospero also colludes with the aery spirit Ariel and raises a colossal tempest to bring ruin on his enemies. But â€Å"Shakespeare is not saying†¦ that Prospero is an evil magician when he conjures Ariel and raises a storm† (Grant 9). The evil or â€Å"black† magic was plainly wielded by SycoraxRead MoreRay Bradbury s Fahrenheit 4514443 Words   |  18 Pagesassassinate Caesar during a Senate meeting. A Game of Thrones reflects this because when Westeros was rules by Aerys Targaryen, also known as â€Å"The mad king,† there was a rebellion to overthrow him. Aerys devised a plan to burn the entire city down rather than be defeated. Because of Aerys’s insanity and plan to destroy the city, Jaime Lannister who was part of the kingsguard, killed Aerys. He was branded with the name â€Å"Kingslayer† for his actions, but did it to protect the city. Bot h characters areRead MoreUrbana at Feliza10754 Words   |  44 Pagesgenerations of readers. At present, the work is alive in various textbooks in Philippine literature as a significant nineteenth-century text that promoted good manners and right conduct among its readers. But as a cultural artifact, except in some critical essays, the book is treated fondly as a quaint anachronism from a bygone era, and is to be studied as part of a long forgotten past with its system of values and beliefs. However, as late as 1938, when the last edition of the book was published, a number

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Night Creature Dark Moon Chapter Six Free Essays

I couldn’t tell Nic. He didn’t believe in magic. He’d take me to the nearest hospital, lock me up and throw away the key. We will write a custom essay sample on Night Creature: Dark Moon Chapter Six or any similar topic only for you Order Now Then we’d have real trouble, since my medication had blown up with the compound. Me, locked inside, with the full moon less than a week away. Yeah, trouble. However, that was the least of my worries at the moment. We reached the shed; Nic inspected the place with typical FBI precision. No one was inside. No one had tampered with the ATV. â€Å"I’ll drive,† 1 said. â€Å"I don’t think so.† â€Å"You don’t get to think. I know where we’re going.† â€Å"I could figure it out,† he grumbled, but he climbed on behind me. I could tell by the tenseness of Nic’s thighs against mine, and the tiny starts he was unable to stop every time the ATV tipped a little too far to one side, that he wasn’t used to riding them, and he didn’t care for anyone else to be in control. We reached the highway, a loose terra for any paved road in the vicinity, and I took off at the fastest clip the ATV would allow – about thirty miles per hour. Driving at top speed without a helmet wasn’t my idea of fun, even though I had nothing to fear from a head injury. Nic, however, did. â€Å"It’s going to take us two hours or more to get to town,† he shouted. â€Å"Got a better idea?† His silence was answer enough. We traveled at a pace slower than the average wolf, which could run forty miles per hour on a bad day. Super-wolves, in other words, lycanthropes, could top that speed with ease. As I drove I considered the icon in my pocket. Was the totem a clue? A threat? An accident? I needed to show the talisman to Will Cadotte, our expert on Native American mysticism. Conveniently, he had gone to Wisconsin with Edward. Had the thing truly growled? I would have said no, except Nic had heard it, too. I’d never observed any supernatural behavior from the black totem, but that didn’t mean there hadn’t been any. Jessie McQuade, a J-S agent and former police officer, swore she’d seen the totem move on its own. Who was I to say she was nuts? We continued in silence for close to an hour. Talking was pointless with the roar of the motor and the thunder of the wind. But I didn’t need words to hear Nic loud and clear. The press of his thighs wasn’t the only thing I felt. He’d missed me, in more ways than one. His palms rode my waist; his thumbs slid under my suit coat and toyed with the skin just above my panty hose. His breath teased the hair that had fallen loose from my customary French twist. I had to be honest with him. What had been between us once could never be again, despite the treacherous response of my body to his. I had too many secrets I couldn’t share. Too much work that had to be done. Too many monsters that wanted me dead. I tensed, half-expecting him to cup my breasts, then latch his mouth onto my neck and suckle. Legs wide as I straddled the seat, the wind shot up my skirt, stirring me where I needed no help being stirred. His fingertips grazed the swell of my rear. â€Å"Nic,† I said. Protest, plea – I wasn’t sure. Didn’t matter. The wind flung the word into the night. Snow began to fall – thick, fluffy flakes that would soon obscure the road. I had to concentrate. We needed to reach a town before the storm hit, or worse. I was already half-frozen and I was certain Nic was, too. But it was impossible to think as Nic’s hand slid across my skin, palm warm, hard, flat against my belly. I glanced down. My skirt was hiked to my hips, and the sight of my stocking-clad legs, my white cotton briefs, his sun-browned hand and callused fingers, excited me so much that 1 did nothing when his middle finger slid lower and stroked me just once. Lucky no one was on the highway except us. Or so I thought. I lifted my gaze, then swerved to avoid the huge black wolf in the middle of the road. The right wheel slipped off the pavement, and we were airborne. Providence was on our side, and we were thrown clear. Most ATV injuries are the result of the machine falling on top of the riders. As it was, I landed on my shoulder and something crunched. Ignoring the pain, I scrambled to my feet, searching frantically for Nic. I found him at the edge of the tree line. He wasn’t moving. The wolf swung his head toward me. Light gray, human eyes shone in a feral face. â€Å"Billy,† I murmured. I should have known he hadn’t died. Guys like him never did. It would take something worse than a firebomb to put an end to Billy Bailey. But where had he been? Had it taken him some time to heal his injuries, then dig his way out of the rubble? What about the others? Had they survived, as well? I strained my ears but heard only the wind, sniffed the air and caught nothing but the scent of snow and crazy Billy. Either the rest of my basement wolves had found freedom, then scattered, or they were ashes and Billy was a lot more powerful than I’d thought. And wasn’t that just special? Billy’s head cocked; his tongue lolled, almost as if he were laughing. Hell, he probably was. I fingered the gun in my pocket. I could put every bullet into Billy, and it wouldn’t slow him down. If I stayed in this form, he’d kill me – if I was lucky – then move on to Nic. I was going to have to shift. However, such things took time, and at mid-shift I’d be defenseless. Billy had no scruples. He’d wait until the worst possible moment, then attack. Nevertheless, I had to take the risk, hope my changing at all would confuse him long enough for me to assume another form. I managed to kick off my shoes – I hated it when my paws burst through them – but I didn’t have the chance to remove anything else. Not that I’d strip in front of Billy even if I had a week. As I lifted my face, snowflakes brushed my cheeks, stuck to my eyelashes, prickled my nose. I pushed aside the sensory distractions and thought of the moon. If it had been full I wouldn’t have had to try. Without the round silver disc that pulled like the ebb and flow of the tide, the transformation was a bit harder, especially for those with stunted imaginations. I bet Billy had had one helluva time getting furry tonight. He growled, low in his throat. I was up to something, but he didn’t know what. Pretty soon he’d get sick of wondering, come over here and kick my ass. With me still a woman, and him already a beast, he’d have no trouble at all. Staring at the black velvet sky, I envisioned the cool metallic white of the moon spilling across my face. I smelled the wind, the trees, the earth. Night. The totem in my pocket shimmied, and my favorite suit split at the seams. The shifting of bones, the curving of spine, usually produced agony. Going from bipedal to quadrapedal wasn’t supposed to feel good. My skin would bum when the fur came. My fingers and toes always ached as they sprouted claws. My face hurt as my nose and my mouth melded into a snout. I loathed getting furry – always had, maybe I always would if I never discovered a cure – but pain was the least of it. I hated being covered with hair, sprouting a tail. The drooling, the panting, the howling, and I never could get the dirt out from under my fingernails. Becoming a werewolf was hell on a manicure. But tonight, the transformation was painless. Tonight I thought about being a wolf, and suddenly I was. Billy yelped. I was the fastest changer in the West. A damned werewolf savant. Something peculiar was going on, but I didn’t have time to figure out what. Werewolves not only have human eyes, they possess human intelligence. I knew what I had to do and why, so without giving Billy time to think, I charged. This wasn’t fun and games but a fight to the death. Billy would come after me, and he’d keep on coming until he had what he wanted. Me. I’d rather be dead than Billy Bailey’s sex slave. That knowledge gave me an edge. I hit him hard, and he tumbled onto his back. Either confusion had slowed his reactions, or I’d suddenly become faster than the average werewolf. Maybe both. My teeth grazed Billy’s throat before he sent me flying. I landed on the same shoulder that had hit the ground when I’d flown off the ATV, and I whimpered. Without human blood, I wouldn’t heal completely tonight, though just becoming a wolf would improve any injury faster than it was possible to explain. Billy struck me broadside before I could roll onto all fours. I slammed into the dirt hard enough to make my ears ring. My head ached, and I had a difficult time focusing. He could have killed me then, if he hadn’t been an insane sadomasochist. Instead of going for my jugular, he drew blood from my belly, and then licked it away. Disgust flowed through me, followed closely by anger. Using my legs, my claws, I threw him free, then I did what he hadn’t. Jumping on top, I latched onto Billy’s throat and pulled. Though I tried to get out of the way, blood sprayed my face and chest. I scuttled backward, not even waiting to see Billy’s human eyes go wolf as he died. I shifted into a woman more quickly than I ever had before. My clothes a torn tangle, I still managed to cover myself adequately. Scooping a handful of snow, I let it melt in my palm so I could scrub away some of the blood and the dirt. Remembering the slash to my stomach, I lifted my suit. Nothing. Frowning, I rolled my shoulder. Not a twinge. Had the talisman granted fast healing powers along with swift changing ability? Seemed so. I could get used to this. I hurried to Nic, kneeling next to him as his eyes opened, crossed, then focused on my face. â€Å"I saw a wolf.† â€Å"I know. I almost hit him.† â€Å"No.† He reached up and tugged my hair, loose now and swirling around my shoulders. â€Å"With fur like this and†¦Ã¢â‚¬  He frowned. â€Å"Your eyes.† I kept my face neutral, even as my heart threatened to choke me. Nevertheless, when I spoke, my voice was as cool as the breeze. â€Å"You must have bumped your head a lot harder than I thought.† How to cite Night Creature: Dark Moon Chapter Six, Essay examples

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Of Mice And Men Essay Essays - English-language Films,

Of Mice And Men Essay The scene that was most memorable to me in this play was when Lenny and Curley`?s wife shared a conversation while the others were away. It started with Lenny moping around about the rabbit he had killed and then Curley`?s wife joined him. This scene ended in a surprising way, but in my opinion many interesting things were discussed about the concept of life. I was extremely surprised with the ending of this scene because when the conversation began I predicted that it was the start to a close relationship between the two of them. During this conversation they discussed issues such as life and dreams. At first Lenny refused to open-up. " George says I aint to have nothing to do with you-talk to you or nothing. " He was very reluctant to talk to her or share anything with her. She was the complete opposite. Curleys wife was looking for someone to talk to. As the scene continued, Lenny relaxed and was able to talk and listen to her. Curleys wife began by asking Lenny questions. As she continued walls were torn down and she was able to get closer to him. Then she told him about her life. " I get lonely K.. You can talk to people, but I can`t talk to nobody but Curley. Else he gets mad. How`d you like to not talk to anybody? " It was hard for Curley`s wife to get Lenny to talk but eventually he told her about his rabbit and other things about his life. " We gonna have a little place-an rabbits. " In the end Lenny became overly excited and ended up killing Curleys wife. From this, I gathered that Lenny had never been so close to anyone, especially anyone of this opposite sex. This gave him such a great feeling that he did not know how to deal with it. The moment he felt Curleys wife moving away, he acted on his inner feelings and he was frightened. The scene portrayed a good example of the interaction of two complete strangers, it was interesting to see how they shared things and opened up to each other. Part Two: This scene is related to the theme in different ways. I think that it incorporates three main aspects of the theme. It is related to belonging, loneliness and dreams. All three of these are active issues in society today. In this scene, Lenny and Curleys wife were able to discuss and show the audience how the theme tied in. When the two of these characters started talking to each other, they were both lonely. Curleys wife did not have anyone to talk to, and Lenny had George as a friend but I do not think it was the type of companion that he needed. In this case the theme of loneliness was brought forth. At first the two of them were lonely and deep within both of them wanted someone to talk to. When the two of these characters began talking, they were given a sense of belonging. Lenny was able to feel the feeling of trust and he was able to learn how to listen to someone. It was not something he was used to. He was used to listening to George, but often it was commands and rules. Curleys wife was used to listening to Curley, and she was not really able to say what she wanted to do. I thought it was good for both of these characters to be able to feel what it is like to have someone care and talk to. This scene subtly touches the theme of dreams. They discussed dreams that both of them had, and were in a way able to bring them alive by talking and embellishing about them. In todays society it is important to feel wanted. Loneliness is not something that anyone wants to feel. Every person should also have goals and dreams, and they should be able to talk about them without someone telling them it will not happen. It is essential that everyone has something to look forward to in life and knows that there are people that do care about what happens to them.